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Why Should I See a Chiropractor While I'm Pregnant?

A Healthy Pregnancy

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, or you already are, there are so many things to consider regarding your pregnancy! It’s a big change for you physically, but mentally as well. Most women want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible to ensure that they will have a positive birthing experience and a healthy baby at the end. Since you’re probably starting to think about eating healthier and exercising regularly to facilitate that healthy pregnancy, why haven’t you been to a chiropractor yet?

pregnant belly

Chiropractic for Pregnancy

I’ve heard it before, “What do you mean you adjust pregnant women?”, but it’s probably my favorite type of patient to see in the office. Chiropractic is focused on removing nerve interference in your spinal column to allow the nervous system to function properly. Think about it, your whole nervous system flows through your spinal column. If you’re growing a little human, wouldn’t you want your nervous system to function perfectly to allow the baby to grow and develop how it’s supposed to? Let’s not forget to mention the impact that chiropractic has on easing neck, low back, and pelvic pain, reducing labor time, aligning the pelvis to support a natural and easier birthing process, lowering the chances of cesarean section, and promoting optimal fetal positioning.

The Webster Technique

Webster technique is a specific chiropractic technique that focuses on aligning your sacrum to reduce the effects of sacroiliac joint dysfunction, therefore allowing your body to function how it’s supposed to. This enables the pelvis to have the most space for baby, making it easier for baby to make their way into the birth canal. Now, I’m sure people have talked to you about breech babies and how Webster technique can “fix it”. Here’s the thing – what we do is not treating the baby. It’s making sure mom’s body is in the right position for labor. The side effect of this technique is that babies who are breech might say, “Hey, there’s more room for me now, so I’m going to make my way head down!”. While there is a significant correlation between Webster technique and breech babies turning head down, that’s just a happy bonus. We are just making sure mom’s body is aligned properly for labor.

mom and dad holding hands with baby shoesSo Why Wait Any Longer?

If you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, you should already be in the chiropractor’s office! Getting adjusted regularly before, during, and after your pregnancy is a critical step in ensuring a happy and healthy pregnancy and postpartum period. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you. We offer free consultations for anyone who is interested.

Dr. Shadley is a Webster Certified chiropractor and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

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In the meantime, check out this ICPA article written by Dr. Jeanne Ohm, D.C. about Chiropractic for an Easier Pregnancy and Safer Birth! If you’re not in the Pittsburgh area, check out this directory to find an ICPA chiropractor near you.

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